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Our Story

The idea of TPA – Trusted Partners Alliance began in 2005, when I was working with CPAs and financial advisor and assisting them in developing strategic partnerships all over the United States. The concept is something we still utilize in our practice today. We work closely with CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and TPAs (Third-Party Administrators) and their clients qualified retirement plans. Our specialty is to address the three main challenges facing retirement plans:

  1. Fees
  2. Fiduciary Liability
  3. Financial Literacy

On a personal note TPA also represents my family:

  • Timothy (Me)
  • Prudence (My Wife)
  • Adam, Ashton, Andrew & August (Our 4 Boys)

The idea of using an “Ohio Star” quilt block came from the fact that my wife is a very talented quilter who was born and raised in northern Ohio. Additionally, the Ohio Star was used to guide slaves who wanted to escape north into Canada . We thought it could also represent our desire to help our clients escape the bondage of debt and find financial freedom on their journey to – Living Life.