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Trusted Partners Alliance

We bring together expertise and resources to assist clients in reaching their financial dreams and living the life they deserve.

I am a believer that whatever you think about, express passion around and take action on, they will ultimately create the results you experience in life. My role as a servant leader is to ask questions that guide my clients to define what is most important and then provide solutions that are always in their best interests.

Thoughts + Passion + Action

The TPA logo represents family.

My family consists of Timothy, Prudence(wife), Adam, Ashton, Andrew, August (4 sons). The quilted star is a quilt block referred to as the Ohio Star. My wife is from Ohio, and she is a very talented quilter.

The Ohio Star was one of the quilt blocks used as a symbol of freedom during the days of the underground railroad, pointing the direction north to freedom. If a quilt was left out on the front porch, they knew it was safe to travel through the area.

We use the symbol to help guide my clients to financial safety and ultimately bring all the pieces of their financial picture into focus allowing them to enjoy "Living Life"

Timothy Lay, AIF®, CFEi®, CPFA®

Trusted Partner Advisor

Tim has been in the Financial Services Industry for over two decades, advising individuals, business owners and CPAs. He served eight years in the US Army as a Legal and Tax Advisor. Today his focus is helping clients imagine a bigger...

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